Follow the Leader is an important and timely book because so few address the issue of following leaders, which is what most people find themselves doing.  Important, because no great vision is ever accomplished without the enormous array of skills that followers bring.  Timely, because the market is flooded with books written for and by leaders, who are, necessarily, in the minority. 

This title will inspire and liberate you.  For some, you will learn to be a better follower which could, one day, make you an infinitely better leader, and for others it will assist you to be all that you can be in helping the vision of your leader/s. Chapters such as 'Getting Over Leadership' and 'Pitfalls to Avoid' are invaluable insights to better help you for your present and future roles. 

imon McIntyre has addressed an almost forgotten but entirely essential element of church and community life.

Brian Houston, the Leader of Hillsong Church writes - "I have known Simon McIntyre for over 30 years and have observed with admiration his great capacity, as  a gifted and capable man, to serve a visionary leader in an unflinching fashion. In my opinion, his authority to write a book entitled 'Follow the Leader' is beyond doubt - he has lived it."

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