C3 Fulham Senior Leaders
Simon & Valerie McIntyre


Simon was present at the inception of C3 Church, working alongside Phil Pringle for over 30 years at C3 Church Oxford Falls, Sydney, Australia. He is invigorating in his communication, thought provoking, fun, and deeply passionate about the local church. Simon has also published a number of books and has more in the pipeline.

Valerie, who hails from New York City, has spent the last 20 years creating high impact communication campaigns for global brands and organisations. She founded Building Brand Communications in 2007 in NYC and continues to develop her company here in London and across the pond. Valerie is also a board member of charity: water - an influential non-profit organisation providing water for communities throughout the world.




C3 Fulham Podcasts

The messages from the C3 Fulham Sunday Services are available as Podcast. Follow the link below or search for C3 Fulham on your Device.