The Emperors New Clothes

The Emperor’s new clothes turned out to be as substantial as those being worn at the London’s latest Restaurant, The Bunyadi, which incidentally means substantive.  

Business Insider calls it “A new pop-up restaurant,” so to speak. 

Up to 30,000 people have booked themselves into this barely new novelty - a restaurant where you get to eat raw food in the raw.  

To begin with you are invited to relax at the bar, then you change into a dressing gown, divest yourself of anything electronic – it is ‘unethical’ to take a photo of someone as undressed as yourself - then you get to slip out of your modesty and sit down for a meal.  I hope the seat has been cleaned- I mean, really cleaned.

NGO's - A Career in Charity

London and New York are the home of enumerable NGO’s[1], which is not surprising as these cities are premier (maybe, the premier) Western cities, largely due to them being colossal financial centres. 

You need to make money to give it away. 

Capitalism, for all its publicised failings remains the only significant conduit of charity; socialism, in its extremer versions, depletes nations, as it does not and will not recognise the aspirational values essential to our humanity that are espoused by the prosperous, and erstwhile Christianised West.  And remember which way people jumped at the Berlin Wall.