Savvy Gifts

Your bank balance need not determine the value of your giving of gifts.  Thoughtfulness is better than extravagance, and care better than cash – unless of course it is a lot of cash (in which case thoughtfulness’ and‘care’ are more easily sublimated).

For Christmas I received a box of personally embossed and named thank you cards.  To tell the truth it is one of the best gifts I have received for ages.  People love getting hand-written cards - I do. They are personal, thoughtful and encouraging; and you don’t have too write much.  Along with the same colored envelopes you have a great little means of thoughtful communication. Beats e-mail.

Another great gift I received a few years ago was a photo of me, as a child, standing alongside a plane – huge to a kid and evocative (I went on to get my pilots license many years later). My daughter had the photo copied onto a canvas and stretched over a frame – very nice. 

Not savvy: sending Valentine cards or flowers by way of stealth to someone who has no idea of your ‘sniper’ affection.  Valentines day, aside from being a commercial bonanza, is meant for people in already established relationships as far as I can ascertain.  I don’t particularly enjoy being targeted from ‘left of field.’  Maybe you do?