The Emperors New Clothes

The Emperors New Clothes

The Emperor’s new clothes turned out to be as substantial as those being worn at London’s latest Restaurant, The Bunyadi, which incidentally means substantive. 

Business Insider calls it, “A new pop-up restaurant,” so to speak.

Up to 30,000 people have booked themselves into this barely new novelty - a restaurant where you get to eat raw food in the raw. 

To begin with you are invited to relax at the bar, then you change into a dressing gown, divest yourself of anything electronic – it is ‘unethical’ to take a photo of someone as undressed as yourself - then you get to slip out of your modesty and sit down for a meal.  I hope the seat has been cleaned- I mean, really cleaned.

All good fun some will insist.  Others will say it is a statement of freedom.  “The idea is to experience true liberation,” stated management.  Really?  Liberation?  Hardly in the class of VE Day is it?  Naturally the clients liberation is the owner’s enrichment.

To others it is a rejection of outmoded moralities, although I am not sure we want of be rid of morality – the lack of it will impinge on you one day, at which point you will protest for it, loudly. 

Others will take off their clothes because that is what they want to do, and up the rest of you. 

I find good old rebels are always better to deal with the than serious minded, who are busy crafting clothes for vain Emperors.  They believe their ‘air-stitching’ is creating something of beauty, something of value, and are the first to proclaim the Emperor is resplendent in – well, in nothing as it turns out. 

The tailors were the pawn of the Emperor’s whims and philosophies.  So they clothed him in his own imagination, and everyone else’s bemusement.  He was stark naked, and everyone knew it, and everyone was afraid to say it– a boy was the only one to blurt it out. 

And a child shall lead them.” He could see the obvious for what it was – obvious.

It is time to laugh.  Time to remind those of the intelligentsia, the self-confessed sophisticates, that they, thinking themselves to be wise, have become fools.

They are as naked as the Emperor.  Not a good sight. 



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