Justice - Never So Blind

Justice - Never So Blind

Justice is never so blind as when we want her to see.  We are removing the blindfold on madam to ensure that she judges with each of us, each one of us, me, in her sight, firmly in mind. 

In so doing we are redefining justice in favour of the individual, in favour of his or her wants, needs and preferences – and no longer, so much, for the welfare and preservation of the community, which of course was always ultimately designed to benefit each of us.   

Us means proscribed, considered acceptable, and to be judged, behaviours that don’t, as they can’t always, take into account the individual. 

Law does exist for my benefit, but it is a benefit in community and not just a benefit I prefer, or believe I am due, worthy of, or entitled to.

Whist I don’t exist for the law my existence in community is not viable without law.

Were lady justice to have to look at everyone, she would fail in her function as impartial judge, and in so doing became crippled.  Better blind and sure footed, than all seeing and crippled. 

Sometimes we have to look away from the ones for the sake of the community.  Being blind, in this instance, has its advantages. 

If every person who chooses to break the law were shown the absolute leniency, they protest that their rights demand, so help the nation they strut the streets of.  Where there is no justice or law for the many we breed injustice by the few.

Whilst we may laugh at the farfetched extrapolation of the above idea, and are a long way from it, we are closely than we were. 

The natural toxicity of ‘my rights’ will poison the well of shared water.  It already does. 

And were every contingency taken into account no imposition of justice would be possible.  (Murder isn’t less murder at the hand of a clinically depressed person – a life has been taken.) 

Of course mercy is a wonderful quality, but it should not be shown to the one who premeditates, the recalcitrant or the belligerent.  Then it would not be efficacious mercy but naïve sentimentality.

Leave the blindfold on.  It has a purpose beyond the comfort of the few. 

Impartiality benefits most of us, whilst it aggravates, even resists, a few. 

Right and Left – Who is Right, and Who is Left?

Right and Left – Who is Right, and Who is Left?

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