Exception: The New Law

A nation, any nation, whose constitution, laws and judiciary fails to recognize, and take into account, the inherent self-orientation of human nature will miserably and fail its people. The hope of human perfectibility is a forlorn hope and a dangerous expectation. 

Any law that alleviates, or allows, for a minority of cases to dominate the social landscape, albeit with whatever good intentions, will very quickly be latched onto by the majority with selfish agendas. 

When exception at law becomes normal then the norm becomes the exception.  When exception becomes the law, everyone’s exception is the law.  It is at this point exception has taken on the status of law. 

In regards the introduction of no fault divorce this is an unmitigated disaster.  The exception, which should always be available to the law and those that uphold and adjudicate it because of genuine and exceptional cases, is now reason for a tide of selfishness and a failure of moral conviction.  This cuts at the heart of our communities, precipitating suffering in our children, sanity, and health. 

Divorce has indeed exploded. 

The same is likely if we legalize illicit drugs.  What appears compassionate legislation will fuel a maelstrom of drug taking, followed by a host of attendant ills.  When something is easier to obtain it becomes harder to resist.  An exponential rise in drug taking will cause the same to costs in our health system - like, we need that?

Trying to help the few with laws that will assist in destroying the many is hardly compassionate.  On the contrary, it is shortsighted, and utterly blind to the inclinations and perversity of human nature. 

The immensity of harm that divorce has wrecked upon our communities should be sign enough that a sentimental, even if well meaning, view of humanity is the greatest cruelty.