I’m an Australian living in London, married to an American - a New York girl, Valerie.  I have a London Transport Freedom Pass, which enables me to travel free in London, and gives my age away.  Three children, nine grandchildren, mostly happy (me that is), still excited about the future, and loving what we do.

I am a Senior Team player with C3 Global – an international church family; we currently pastor a church in London (c3fulham.com), and oversee our C3 European churches – a great privilege, and hugely rewarding.

I write for fun, and hopefully a living, and if not I’ll still keep writing.  I have an aerobatic pilots license (not much chop in cloudy UK), a theology degree (helpful in all weather), and great friends.  

This is what Phil Pringle says about me.  “Simon is a work colleague and close friend of mine.  He has always peered into the way we are to interpret and live out the Christian faith, in manner that doesn’t blur our spirituality, deny this world or minimize our humanity.” 

A CEO of the Australian ABC wrote the following:  “Simon is a sharp Christian thinker - a believer anchored in the real world, someone who sees things differently.  I have always enjoyed watching him seek to understand and explain how his faith fits his life and his life fits his faith.  The musings of McIntyre are always interesting and insightful, challenging and alarming: just like the man himself.”